Saturday, 7 October 2006

The fun in turning 18

Yep, I just turned 18 on the 29th of September. It's a kinda special feeling. Now i get to vote in all the elections. FINALLY i can ride around the city LEGALLY. I've always had a feeling that turning 18 would do nothing more than bring about loadza responsibilities, but now that i really am 18, i don't see any kinda responsibilities coming towards me.

The only proper thing I did after my birthday is put up a list. A list of what I intend to do now that I am 18, here goes:

Get a girl friend (An open application to all the single and ready to mingle galz reading this)

Taste Beer (Just hoping none of my family members are reading this)

Roam around like hell...LEGALLY...:D

Do something about my ambitions, as of now i can't see them anywhere else other than the trash can. So i kinda hafta get em outta that stinking place.

Join a gym

Go for some karting (May be Micheal retired just cos of this...hmmm....interesting)

Update my blog (though it's a long shot, i just hope i can do it regularly)

Earn some Dollars thru adsense ( one of my friends at coll has earned some $67 as of now...ggrrrrr)

That's all i can think of as of now....if i come up with something more, i'll let ya all know....

and be prepared to see a better Karthik from now on....:D


ice_fire said...

getting gal n all..kalaku;)
i wuldnt approve of the beer part tho...
actually being 18 doesnt make a difference to me.. it feels the same..

Karthik.H said...


that's a real nice girl talkin there...obviously forgettin dat I'm a guy...oopssiee...

S said...

you haven't tasted beer???!!! *faints*

Karthik.H said...


If I had...wud i rite it in my mini-wishlist????