Saturday, 21 October 2006


I ACTUALLY met Suderman...can't believe my luck...this day was just another boring Diwali with stupid programs on TV when this happened in the evening...

I was on my way to my friend's place and I was waiting at the Signal. I was just checking out the rear View mirror when I saw a Red Colour Avenger halting slowly. I was just admiring the beauty of the bike and I found the owner pretty pleased. I just turned front and suddenly it hit me. That's SUDERMAN with his Red Avenger. I was totally dumbstruck and didn't know what to do and this was our conversation.

Me: Hi dude
Suderman: huh...
Me: You are Sudhish Kamath right?
Suderman: Yeah...and you are?
Me: I'm Karthik...
Suderman: can't really remember you
Me: I'm Karthik, the one who bugs you on Y! often
Suderman: *with a smile*...yeah...I remember you
Me: *not knowing what to talk* where are you going mate?(how the hell does that bother me???..stupid me)
Suderman: To a friend's place
Me: It's nice meeting you dude...and best of luck for your movie
Suderman: Same here and thanks.

And then the signal turned Green and he just zoomed away.

It was brilliant, he was very very simple and was so cordial to talk to a complete stranger like me.

This day is one of the most memorable day in my so happy....:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Preetha said...

hey..wat do u do.. i know..real world sux big time..spelly when exams r arnd... n well..who is suderman???????? well im in ignorant bliss!

Preetha said...

ooh! ok! now i know y the name sounded familiar!! anyways..ur orkut link doesnt work.. im Preetha Lakshminarayanan on orkut..add me..

rakesh said...

dei yaaru da suderman...??? ennemo sachin range ku build koduthurukke!! seri ille!!