Thursday, 18 January 2007

Happy Me!!!

It's been a long while since the whole family went on a vacation. The last time was when we went to Calcutta, Bhubaneshwar, Darjeeling and some other places during the 6th standard vacations (woah, 7 yrs IS a long time). This time it's Kodaikanal (yeah,i no. First time trip to Kodai is with family :(( ... :P) and Palghat (last time was in 3rd std :O:O).

Ma sis is getting a huge increment in her salary. So this whole trip is being sponsored by her.

Here's a list of expenses lined up for her:

1) The whole trip
2) A new System at home (Yipppeeee!!!! :D)
3) A new Mobile Phone for me (It seems like I've been waiting for eternity)

Hope she doesn't have to dig too deep into her bank account... :P :D


Sriram said...

Potru...finally gettin a

Karthik.H said...


yeah da....FINALLY....:D

S said...

bleddy nonsense, i say!!! :O erm...about the mobile that is.

have a good trip to kodai - it's the bestest place to unwind!! :D :D been going every summer hols for the last 15 years, i must know! :)

Karthik.H said...


15 yrs a....woah...u mus b knowin the streets of kodai as well as u no those in nee cool spots to hang out???...[:D] goin with family...[:(]