Friday, 5 January 2007

Welcome 07

I know the "welcoming the new year" post is too late to be posted now, but who the hell cares???

2006 has been a pretty good year for me. I've almost achieved my so called resolutions and I've been able to accept the fact that generally Regretting something after you've done it is utterly useless. I'm talking about my College of course. Anyways "By gones are by gones" as Janani so casually says.

I was able to make up with most of the people I had hurt sometime over the past and I've lost some good friends too, but this time around it wasn't due to any fault of mine.

So What am I looking forward for this year???

Some friends to remember my b'day.

And wish me too :).

Some people to visit my blog at least once a month and not upon me dumping them with links to my blog before they leave some lame comment saying "Nice Blog da"... :P:P

My First ever Pay Cheque/Cash :D:D:D

Getting better at Flirting, Rakesh would lecture you, on request, on how worsht I am at putting Kadalai.

Those are the stuff I can think of as of now.

I almost forgot....

Happy New Year everybody.


Rakesh said...


okay seems like this year u r gonna ROLL IN MONEY so STAR ROCKS every month .... wat say???

aparum kadalai laam u r improvin by leaps and bounces...!! :D

Karthik.H said...


Every month a??? Nee pora poka paatha i thot u wud put a tent outside Star Rox and start pleading with the ppl to open it earlier in the morn...:D

Rakesh said...

dei dei!! wat da hell r u gonna do wit all da money??? u might as well buy me some drinks! after all ONCE IN A MONTH elaam matterey ille!!!

i have to be atleast 10% of my bro dude!


Karthik.H said...


Twice a Week a????....and he managed to come home steady???...:O:O:O

Ranga da un anna...*searching for his feet*

Rakesh said...

steady yaa varuvaanu naan sonnenaa???? i was the one who often opened da doors for him...!! but yeah he knows his limits doesnt get too drunk and all!!!

well no need to go search for his feet and all gimme da money ill prove im da perfect brother for him...


Karthik.H said...


Nalla aasai da unakku...gimme the money it seems...po poi yedhaavadhu kenaiyan iruppan...go tell this to him...

wat'll I do then???

if u want more vodkas frm me...better keep on keepin more bets wimme...