Monday, 11 June 2007

Legal Issues!


Yes, got my 2-wheeler license today. Had to spend the whole morning waiting for the Inspector to come. Stupid fellow instructed us to come by 10 and that lazy bum ended up coming there only at 1!!! So he came, did the test (Standard 8 pottufying), went back to the RTO, got my picture taken and got the little piece of Plastic which enables me to ride Legally.

Finally got rid of my clean shaven looks, had that only for a week or so. Now back to the Muslim beard, as so many of my lovely friends were so kind to point out.

And the stupid college reopens this Wednesday. Will try to be nice to my juniors. What's the fun in ragging them? No gals! Cha.


ice_fire said...

well good that u finally got the license. i have be adjusting with my learners license for the past one yr.
and have fun ragging.
(make sure ur juniors dont end up putting a case on you tho)lol...

Karthik.H said...


well...if u still didnt know...LLR expires in 6 months... gud luck expaining ur forgetfullness to the Mama who catches you...tho i doubt that'll happen...