Tuesday, 31 July 2007

RTFF3! And Introducing The THE Language...

The Chennai Roof Top Film Fest is gna be held for the third time. I'd missed the 2nd edition cos it had clashed with my semester exams last April. So yeah, this time around I'm not gna miss it. Infact this time, I'm gna contribute by more means than just being there. Hoping to take my speakers for the event. Hoping to catch up on the Friends I made the last time around.

*Trumpets* *Beethoven 7th Symphony*

INTRODUCING, The much awaited Post on the THE Language. Co-founded by Rapecase and Me while vettily whiling away our precious time at college. This language is gna make revolutions and rotations all around the world soon enough and at that time, remember that you read about it right here. In the Co-Founder's page.

So how does this language work? Heavily borrowed (read completely) from the English Language, it works on a simple yet complicated word. THE. Yes, That's it. THE is THE most integral part of this Language. Some people might argue that the main base for a language is it's Grammar and Script. Hell with all that We say. The only rule in this language is to include as many THEs in your sentences as possible. Here are some examples...

In Normal English:

The Sun is shining brightly.

The mosquitoes are bothering me.

That Traffic cop looks Drunk.

Cigarette smoking is harmful for Viruses in the Air.

These normal sentences are simply complicated to give you that effect of reading a new language, and they would read like this in the THE language...

The Sun is shining the Brightly

The Mosquitoes are the bothering the Me (nothing wrong in giving yourself more respect)

That Traffic cop looks like the drunk.

The Cigarette smoking is the harmful for the viruses in the air.

It's extremely easy to understand and use. Be warned, people might laugh at you, critise you for talking like a lunatic. But they will worship you for promoting a revolutionary language. Who knows, you might even find a way into Wikipedia.


Rakesh said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! THE THE language ROCKS.... examples the best....!!!

it is the time to do the propaganda... wat the better than to blog abt it??

The thanks for the credit

Karthik.H said...

@the rapecase

never the mind...the yesss...been the speakin bout the this for the long time...finally the written...the feels much the better...

and you better the blog the too...!!!

suraksha said...

re: THE language - worshtest! :P

and look forward to seeing you at the RTFF man! :D

Karthik.H said...


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii (Tamil Hero ishtyle)...

how the dare you insult the THE language rite in the co-founder's page...you got the guts i say... :P

See you at the fest too... :)

Anonymous said...

ok!!!!!...you guys really ARE VETTI at coll.....tsk..tsk..tsk...no more comments!

Karthik.H said...


what else do you expect?... :D:D :P