Tuesday, 3 July 2007

50 Years Ago!

Yeah, sounds like a column in "The Hindu", but that's not what I'm referring to. 50 Years ago, in some remote part of England, two teenagers met each other. Sounds pretty trivial to be bothered about. Move on.

But these two teens didn't know that they would grow up to be two of The Most Inspirational People in the History of Music. Yes, Paul Mccartney and John Lennon had met each other for possibly the first time on the 6th of July 1957. Most of us weren't even born. Even our parents might've been toddlers or kids. But these two gentlemen met and went on to create the Biggest thing in the Music History according to me. The Beatles have inspired me very much, their songs have made me realize some stuff in life that I wouldn't have learned from anywhere else.

And to those who say Music is only contemporary and listening to The Beatles is stupid, I've got some choice words for you which I can't type here. The Beatles is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me and the World of Music.

Rakesh has a poster in his room which has a collage of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and John Lennon and a caption says "Spirits of Rock".

Jimi Hendrix, is a true God. I've not heard enough songs of his to worship him, but I know for sure that he is a Guitar God and will remain so for a really long time to come.
Jim Morrison, is Rakesh's God. Great songs but I can't call them Gods. Pretty good, but not Gods.
John Lennon, what can I say about him. The Beatles is THE best thing that's ever happened. Can't think of anything to say about them.

Now The Beatles are true Gods. Worship them. Fall to them. Drown in their soul stirring music.


Preetha said...

namaku only tamil music!

Karthik.H said...


I know...i was the same way a coupla years ago...start listenin to beatles and you can see where Ilayaraja and ARR got their inspiration from...

Anonymous said...

I bought that poster for his brother!

Karthik.H said...


gr8...where'd you get it from anywayz? loved that one...!!

suraksha said...

Amen. :)

And Jimi Hendrix IS God too. Listen to "Purple Haze". You'll know why. :)

Karthik.H said...


listened to Purple Haze and Voodoo Child...Pretty good...wna listen to more bfre i respect him as God...