Friday, 17 August 2007

Fixing a Hole!!

Nope, doesn't have anything to do with the Beatles' song. This has got a lot to do with fixing Potholes though.

3 ppl decided that it's better to fix the Potholes on the roads of Chennai rather than just pass over them and complain about it under your breath. These ppl, along with another 15 or so fixed almost 60 potholes in select parts of Chennai in one Night (14th-15th). Brilliant initiative I say. Amazing thinking and it really takes a lot to actually go and fix them than just talk about doing it with a gang of friends. It takes hell a lot to go to Ground Zero and fill these holes with Concrete. Hats off to these people. If anyone deserves a marching band with a Salute on Iday, its definitely you guys.

I'm volunteering to this drive the next time they do it. Barely missed it this time. Damn.

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