Tuesday, 1 January 2008


07 was a pretty good year for me. Did lots of stuff and procured more habits that I've never done/had in the past. 07 moved into 08 quite Smoothly, Thank you very much. Midnight was spent at Rapecase's place listening to his bro's takes on Life in the USA.

As usual, here are a list of things I want to see myself doing thru the year:

- Get more Fit (Tired of being the useless slob)
- Try to fix a sleep cycle
- Try eating different food from various cuisines. (Bored of just South Indian/Tandoori/Italian)
- Play some sport, Make it a habit to play it often.
- Get out of the Existential state
- Stop getting on people's nerves
- Be more Approachable
- Learn some more French
- Get back to Karate, somehow
- Get a decent score in CAT and get admitted in a decent college (Anywhere out of Chennai is decent for me)
- Get a life
- Live up to my Nickname (Vetti :D)

Hoping that these things happen or at least start happening, here's me Wishing you all a Very Happy and Vetti New Year! :)


Sagaro said...

SVCE is outside Chennai... maybe you should join it :P

siva said...

hi da, im siva, mahesh's friend, im jus into bloggin , so i thought if u could help me with a link of mine , in your blog , i would certainly appreciate that, my blog is
hope u gimme a linkback

Rakesh said...
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Rakesh said...

Be More Approachable???? DUDE!!! ithelaaam onnekku over aaa theriyele???


Karthik.H said...


Go Crash into a wall.. :P




Some people take me to be this snobby guy with peter abilities..:P

Sagaro said...

Ah! I see, you are speaking like Suraksha now... "go crash, go die, go hang" ... I guess this is what happens, due to prolonged exposure to each other on lonely lunch dates... hmmm...

siva said...

thanks a lot da.. i really appreciare yar deed!!!

Karthik.H said...


Dude, muttindu saavu has been in my repertoire of curse words since 8th std man...I just translated it into english...dat's all.. :D

Rakesh said...

oooooooooooooooooooo is that SOME PEOPLE??

minus23degrees said...

heyy am mani da..mahesh's fren.gimme a linkback da at http://arseammunition.blogspot.com