Tuesday, 24 June 2008

It's a freakishly Small World!

Back to Blogging after a hiatus. Vacation was pretty good. After losing my Camera and almost being deported back home, I'm back in one piece, atleast physically. The Guilt is absolutely killing me.

Anyways, this Sunday I had to attend my Cousin's Engagement. After being appointed the Photographer for the evening, just as I was shooting the arrival of the Groom's parents, my bro spotted Maams.

Maams aka Dheeraj has been my classmate since 8th std, for 3 whole years. He's this guy from South Africa who knows a lot about everything! And he's one of THE loudest laughers I've come across. GS and Maams compete for that title . He's been part of "the gang" for a while and he's sema funny.

Bro: What's Dheeraj doing here?
Me: huh?
Bro: Has he come to the temple?
Me: LMAO, him and temples???
Bro: Then he must be headed here!
Me: Now that's wierd...

After finally concluding that he Was infact headed for the Engagement, I shouted out...
Me: Dei, Maams, what on earth are you doing here?
( A Couple of his relatives turn around to see me all normal. Did that short boy just shout out "Maams"??)
Maams: Dei, Van. The guy is my Aunt's son and don't call me Maams.
Me: Yeah, realised. The Girl is my Uncle's daughter!
Maams: Wokay, this is romba wierd. We are relatives now.
Me: Ada, dog. Yeah!!!

Amidst this conversation, I obviously missed the All Important Arrival of the Parents, but what the Heck!

And throughout the function, I had to call him Dheeraj, which is quite wierd for me after 7 years of Maams!!!

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Anonymous said...

So they trusted you with another camera eh? :P.. Dei van, dont call me maams.. even reading that and imagining mams saying it is so funny.. and he does knw a lot about every single thing.. lol it's a very small world indeed...