Friday, 6 June 2008


You know you're all excited about a trip when there's nothing else running in your mind other than the small things you have to pack. The Drafts in your cell phone is filled with small reminders to pack a few stuff. There's an alarm set to remind you to view the reminders. And you know you are getting on the nerves of your Dad, who's freakishly tensed when it comes to packing and has absolutely no confidence in you when it comes to finding a terminal in an Airport, when he asks you if you've packed your Tooth Brush and you tell him Can't I buy a new one there? You know you are totally relaxed about the trip when a person asks you to bring an empty suitcase, just to fill it up with stuff that you can buy!

My brother and I are off to Hong Kong to spend a 12 day vacation with my sister. Yes, Sibling Bondings at it's best. Whilst my Bro is a bit tensed since he gets to take care of the Passport and the Ticks and stuff, I can't be more relaxed. All I have to do is keep him sane, which isn't a big deal since He barely bothers about the surroundings, and keep myself sane, which might be difficult.

I'm leaving today at 1130 and returning on the 17th. A short trip which I hope to cherish. I'm planning to maintain a small travelouge ala Motorcyle Diaries. I don't intend to learn Life's lessons in this trip, but lets see what it can teach me. Very Very excited about the prospects of totally freaking out in the absence of both my parents. :D

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