Monday, 27 October 2008

Sister 2.5

Yes, I have an elder sister. And she's back home now after a 4 year escape to Delhi and later to Mumbai. She's got a Job in Madras and here forever. She came here last friday and she has Changed!

The first legit things she told me:

(1am) "This time yesterday I had my First Tequila Shot, damn I miss Mumbai already!"

I didn't know how to react, that's my Sister, talking about tequila shots and she went on to describe how it is done complete with telling me that the Lemon tastes better than the tequila, thinking that I didn't know that already!

Anyways, I had noticed this when my Bro and I went to stay with her at Hong Kong for a week. She has most definitely changed. She isn't the sister I knew. Not that I knew much about her. She's now more fun and takes that mocking talking kinda accent more often, spends like crazy, teases my Dad like crazy and talks like NON STOP. Even before she left home for her PG she used to talk a lot, but that seems like ages ago and now she's got all the Office Gossip to update us with!

So, she's different. Actually speaking, my whole family's changed. Everybody's earning, except me of course. So, what I basically do is hand out everybody's wallet to them!

A scene at my place yesterday:

Me: I need some money for petrol
Mom, Dad, Bro and Sis: Take my Purse.
Me: !!!!!


CkisgoD said...

Elder sister-> Tequila shots...??

India shining. :p

and as for the money thing, being the 1st born S.U.C.K.S. Take it 4m a guy who's been Below Poverty Line all his life.

free... :D

Karthik.H said...


ha ha.. well, i was born first.. from the last! :P but yeah, i can imagine how it'd be!

Rakesh said...

i know just what you are talking about man.. damn u suppandi... i miss my bro and sis badly now...!!!

we culd be in speed rite now.. ( the "we" includes you too da )

rt said...

lol. u complaining abt handouts?! njoi while it lasts. its irritating when ur own paycheck is too small to cover up the extras :|

ice_fire said...

Lol.. lucky bum! Wish i had elder siblings offering moi pocket money like that!

Karthik.H said...


not the intention.. sorry for the nostalgia! :P


well, lets face it.. its still irritating when you got 4 people in a house earning and they you open your wallet only to find you got NO money!


now you've seen how a sister should be.. i don't wna hear ur sis complaining! :P