Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Shout!

I just Shouted. It wasn't at anyone. I just shouted.

It was the Shout of Disgust, Contentment, Frustration, Happiness, Boredom, Callousness, Unsocialness, Existentialism, Fulfillment, Mourning, Depression, I-Don't-Care, Wondering what to do next and Uncanniness.

It was basically the Shout of My Life!


Rakesh said...

wordlist padichutiyaA??? :)

Anonymous said...

O-Kay. [Very Amused.]

And Unsocialness?! And I thought I was weird at made-up words! :P

Karthik.H said...


illiye! why ask?


he he.. made up words are good fun. :D Expect more.. :P

Rakesh said...

"Now, this terrace holds fond memories for me. More about that later"

i guess this is a promise from you....! u better deliver..! :)