Sunday, 11 January 2009

WCC Cults!

That's one culfest I won't be attending the next year. I'm glad I ended it on a high though. 3rd in Music Quiz along with Rape and Addy and 1st in JAM. It was good fun for both the days. The free lemonade was good and had a fun time overall. The most fun was the last few hours of the last day.

I had just won JAM and collected my money (only 300, those idiots) and I was really really hungry. The sandwich shop guy was generous enough to knock off 10 bucks if I bought 2 sandwiches, the chocolate shop girl gave me a free chocolate when I bought 2. Loaded with a couple of sandwiches and 3 chocolates, I marched towards the stage where the Western Dance comp was going on, along with some friends. Somehow, they moved on to see their college's dance performance and I was standing alone with food in my hands! I wanted some company and I moved on to find Ben and his girlfriend and disturbed them till the dance was over (an hour atleast). But before I could finish even one of the sandwiches, some minions from Loyola came in and before I blinked thrice, the plate was off my hands!! Thankfully, I had stashed the chocolates in my pant pocket and ate them along with the love couple.

After the dance, the results and the overall trophy was presented, The WCC ppl literally forced us off their campus. But since it was my last yr there, I wanted to make a mark. Loyola won the overalls and "we are the champions" was played over the PA. Ben, Khushi, Rishma, Anusha, Shruthi and I immediately burst into singing the song at the top of our voices till we reached the exit gate (a good ten mins walk). The stares, cheers and jeers that we got are still ringing in my ears.

Good fun, good fun. :D


Rakesh said...

slowly you are starting to get into hooliganism..!! maybe u'll help when we start the BSE( Besant Street Elite ) supporters of Chennai Superkings...!! :)

Karthik.H said...


that is hooliganism???? :O and come up with a better name, this sucks!

Anonymous said...

BSE..?!!? Lol.. Cricket Clubs will never ever have the kind of hooliganism football has man, the passion is just not there for local clubs..

Anyway, Treat Man :D!! You promised me one if you win the JAM :)

Rakesh said...

@ productively lazy..! we'll start it da... our derby is gonna be bangalore and rajasthan.! :P

@ supp... nee ozhungaa Green Street Hooligans paaru then u'll probably like this name...!

Moonlight n Magnolias said...

Lol... congrats! :)

Karthik.H said...


Thanks :)