Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Insatiable thirst of Mr.Murphy

This is a story of how Mr. Murphy screwed with me on the last day of my student hood.

I went to sleep the previous night planning that I should wake up by around 7, head to the Post Office to send a post by around 9, then leave to college for my last exam starting at 10. It all started well, with the alarm waking me up successfully and me completing my morning ablutions well in time. Just as I was about to save some last minute notes into my phone's drafts, my phone blinked saying "low battery". Strike One. It took me a full 20 minutes to charge up the phone so as to type enough of it and save it all into another phone, leaving my phone to charge. The time - 9.10

I rushed to the Post Office and in the hurry, forgot a document that was part of the post. Being the brilliant genius that I am, I had already sealed the envelope. Strike two. I got back home from the post office, reopened the envelope, put in that document and re-sealed it. The time - 9.25

For the second time that morning, I rushed to the post office and this time, there were 2 people in the queue in front of me and as it would happen only to me, they were ridiculously old. After what seemed like an eternity, my turn came and I finished the posting part. Soon as I got back to the parking lot and kept my leg on the kicker, a certain compartment of my bag flashed in front of me. The Hall Ticket, which was supposed to be in that particular compartment, was not there. (The reason being that while I was returning back home after my previous exam, a generous black crow decided to drop the remaining of its morning breakfast onto my blue bag. It pooped on my bag. So I had to empty all the contents of my bag to clean it and in that confusion, I had misplaced my Hall Ticket!) Strike three. The time - 9.40

I figured it'd be too late to go back home, search for the hall ticket and then rush back to college before 10.30 (The time by which I Must start the exam), so I ended up rushing to college in morning traffic, almost crashing into a gleaming black Honda City. Soon as I reached, I cried out my plea to my one class mate who was as late as me and this passing by stranger told me what to do in order to get the permission to write the exam. I had to go to the controller of exams and write a letter and things. I did and apparently, I needed any one of my professors to sign my letter, validating that I was indeed a student there. As it would happen, all of my professors were invigilating in separate rooms and I did Not have the time to go explain my position to them and get their signature. Strike Four. The time - 10.15

I think Murphy thought he had enough fun with me for one morning, so he just let my 1st semester's English professor walk past me. I managed to convince him that I was an irresponsible oaf to have forgotten my hall ticket and that it wouldn't happen again (It couldn't have, unless I managed to keep an arrear, as that was my last exam) and finally got the required signature. 8 Minutes later, I had my bogus hall ticket in my hand and I was drenched in sweat. All this for a bloody HRM exam! :|

While I was climbing up the stairs to my exam hall, I couldn't help but wonder, the extremes Mr. Murphy goes to screw with someone as innocuous as me!


Anonymous said...

I've had days like this where everything that can possibly go wrong will!!

All you can do is appreciate the brilliance of Mr. Murphy and say free and free everything...


Rakesh said...

everything really DINT go wrong.. if it had the Controller of examiners wouldnt have let you write your exam. you would CERTAINLY crashed into that car..

so Murphy was CLOSE to be absolutely spot on but wasnt it... :)