Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Divinity was Born Between the Blue Wings

The day started with the morning at around 8, rather than the usual Afternoon because my sister wanted me to get her something from a shop nearby (Yes, this Always happens to me!) and after I got back home, somehow I decided not to go back to bed. Well, 2 hours later, I was harmlessly playing RCT II on my system when I got this call:

X: Is this Karthik Krishnan of Chennai?
Me: Erm, yes.
X: Karthik, I am calling from Times School of Journalism, Our course Director wants to conduct a telephonic interview right now, are you ready?
Me: Erm, yes. (What else was I supposed to say?!)

. . .

After 20 Mins of discussing things ranging from Politics in Tamil Nadu to Arthur.C.Clarke, mildly touching on whether I am also from the same part of Kerala as him (these Mallus I tell ya!), the Course Director, some Verghese dude, says this- "Congratulations Karthik, You have been accepted into this year's course. You will receive a postal confirmation with other details in some time."

I curtly said Thank You and got back to my game. It took a whole quarter of an hour for the news to actually sink in! Too many thoughts in my head - "I am getting outta home. Is it really THAT easy? Why didn't they conduct a test? Was that a prank? I am getting outta home! One WHOLE year!! Did I cut the call?"

It happened intermittently, I was still not sure if it was indeed a prank, so I checked the number from which I got the call and it looked like a genuine Delhi number. Some Googling later, I found out that it was indeed the number from the Dean's Office. Again, I was somehow resisting shouting at the top of my voice, shouting with joy, mind you.

But it didn't COMPLETELY sink in until I sat on my epiphany pot (my kuckoos!). I actually spent half an hour, singing songs at the top of my voice and feeling genuinely happy. This is what I've wanted since I started the final year in college, to get outta home, I thought I'd write CAT and go off somewhere, but somehow that didn't work out. So I gave Journalism a shot and here I am!

As if I wasn't delirious enough already, a letter from Manorama School of Journalism came in the afternoon post saying these exact lines : "You are ranked 9th in the recently conducted test.. blah di blah.. Your interview is set on the 1st of July, the course begins on 6th July, given your high ranking in the test, we suggest that you come for the interview with your baggage and enroll yourself in the hostel"!!!!

But honestly, is it really that easy to get into one of the Top Journalistic schools in India (TSJ's run by The Times of India and Manorama's run by that Malayalam Manorama Group)? I mean, I am a B.Com Graduate (Hopefully!) who has had completely nothing to do with Journalism Ever, except for a few articles about the things I've been involved in. I've never had any of my writings published, I've never worked for a journalist, heck I haven't worked at all! Aren't there those people who did their UG in Journalism? I really didn't think I would even get one call, but now I am spoilt for choices!! :D

But I am not complaining, as long as I get to spend a year away from home, all alone, living by myself and learning things I had no idea about, I am fine.
Finally, the Big Man up there has acknowledged my existence! :P

PS Don't ask me why I've used that title, that song's my current addiction.


Rakesh said...

my best mate whom i thought will give me unyielding support for being jobless now gets an admit for MASTERS course in india's top journalist schools?? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD/?

hereby u are no more Lord Vetti... it is forcibly taken from your clutches and no im not going to congratulate you for this. If it wasnt for ur mallu-ness u wouldnt have gotten into those schools.. :)) :)) :))

Anonymous said...

Gethu the man :).. Scenest!!!

Treat!! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats! iam sooo happy for you! you finally got what you wanted!!
see i always said that you had it in you...

MST said...

Are you serious????
Congrats man.
Our little baby bird flying out of the nest.. Aaawwwww!

Karthik.H said...

What misery? Be happy you jerk!

treat? free.. :p

ok, no anonymous person has told me that I've had it in me!

@MST is my cousin, so she is allowed to say things like that and get away with it..