Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Sunny Day..

Every morning, after handling the pathetic shit jokes from my room mate, I come to college and an annoying old man forces his views on all of us.

No offence, but I respect old people. But this man is an exception. He's this old school bhaaskar who doesn't want to change AT ALL! He imposes his old school traditional rules on us and expects us not to concur. The main problem is that his way of thinking Suck.

We essentially are a bunch of writers and by we, I refer to those who actually want to write in my class. When the old man tells us that we are to stick to a specific way, the whole aspect of Creativity is thrown out of the window and it lands in such a deep muck that it is unrecoverable. The old wheezer makes it a point to piss us off early in the morning and expects us to write "Paper worthy writings" all through the day!

I can go on about him but hey, I am simply voicing out the majority opinion I guess. There were numerous assignments that were actually interesting, like documenting the whole of the 20th Century, analysing global newspapers etc and the bloody old man somehow squeezes out all the fun from it. He says all this crap and doesn't leave the room until he's sure that we're already hating the project.

The biggest irony is that I was there in our lab and this man was telling someone "Everybody should know when to stop working. Retirement is inevitable" and I had this :O thing going on. This, from a 70 odd man who still can't stop treating the students the way it used to be done ages ago!

These kinda people never EVER learn..

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