Thursday, 24 September 2009

Forward Ho!

Life is fast right now. I wake up each day and by the time I crash down again, all is a blur. I still can't digest that it has been two whole months since I boarded that Train from the smelly Chennai Central, since I spent that journey in the train arguing with those strangers and TWO months has passed since I spent my first weekend in Delhi at my cousin's place playing with her six month old (The baby's forgotten me to be frank).

On a different note, IIT Delhi's culturals is starting this week and I am hoping I can make it to the JAM there. It's been ages since I've JAMmed and after hearing about IIT Mumbai's pathetic JAM standards, I am having mixed thoughts about this JAM in particular.

I'm having holidays from this weekend, for around 10 days and I am not going back to Chennai. Don't ask me why. I am not home sick. Of course I would love to go back home, back to the lovely beach, the events and the friends there. But hey, it isn't a big deal. The beach is going be there forever. I might take a trip to some place near Delhi with my room mate. A simple back packing trip, just us two guys. If that doesn't happen, I might stay home and play Sims 3 for long hours, if I finish downloading it by tomorrow.

Fast events. Disappointments. Depression. Hunger. Financial crunch. Trip cancellation. Girl(s) wooing. Whoosh. Smack in the Face. Fitness freak phase.

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