Sunday, 10 December 2006

Deep Woods 2006

Given the fact that I had missed the opportunity to go to the Stella Maris' culturals, it was no surprise that I was all smiles when I heard that I was gna participate in some events at MCC's culturals, Deep Woods '06.

I was to participate in 4 competitions. But who was going there to participate, with the number of colleges invited, esp the galz coll, it was gna b an amazing treat for the eyes. Especially after spending more than 6 dry months in this gay college, it was surely gna b an informal vacation.

Day 1 started off with the extempore competition for me, which was the most worsht one ever. topic sucked, art is telling truth using lies. It was one of the most boring event ever. But then, this was negated by the fact that there were so many gorgeous galz lurking aroung the sprawling campus. And then the time came for Spin a yarn. I was kinda pessimistic about my opportunities to win given the fact that my partner was a nut case. Anywayz, the topic was actually a good one. If I had an empty head....and the "story" of ours turned out to be more of a conversation rather than a Story.

That was supposed to be the end of the events for day one for me. But then my snr had withdrawn from shipwreck cos he had to participate in some other event. So I ended up registering for that too. And believe it or not, I was the last fellow to register and I won the 3rd place :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D. It was sema fun, I was supposed to be Jim Carrey...i was afraid the judge might screw up my question round. 1st question....Mr. Jim Carrey, how do you explain your fetish for animals....gone...but i ended up blabbering something and won the 3rd place.

The day ended with the fashion show and it was time for some drooling once again. The main comperer made an awesome comment when the Ethiraj and WCC's rounds were over. he said "phew, that was one hot show. and i hear that the gents toilets are getting crowded, wonder why?". my college fellows put up a pretty good show for first timers. But who cares about the winning when you got so many beautiful galz around u???

Day 2 went off to a shocking start. This was the day when my main event, the debate was to be held and at the entrance i met my debate partner. He was like "macha, I'm not participating da". It was quite shocking. the topic was a pretty good one, Morality is the defense of the weak. And i wasn't going to participate. I somehow managed to digest the fact that I was going to spend the whole day without taking part in any competition. But it was time for more fun. the Quadrangle, or so they call the open ground in the middle of the campus was filled with people for the western acoustics program. it was pretty good, some of the colleges came up with their own compostions. in the middle of this event there was a huge commotion. apparently some New College guy beat up a Loyola College guy and as usual there was exchange of blows. Except for this unprecedented event, the whole culturals was rocking.

I didn't go for the 3rd day cos it was gna b filled with dry events like rangoli and collage and stuff like that.

PS: My college finished 2nd i contributed:D:D:D:D:D.


icefire said...

sounds like you had an awesome time...

Karthik.H said...

@ iccha

sure did....and long time since u've visited...anywayz....the galz and the food were mind of the best times in ma life...