Friday, 1 December 2006

Tera Bina

Guru's music is out. Yet another awesome album by A.R.Rahman. Obviosuly loved the album, but one song stands out. Completely. It's called Tera Bina. Check out the song here
Just got one word to describe the album - Divine. It brings out a unique feeling when you listen to this song.

And one more interesting aspect in this Specific song, Tera Bina, is the use of different tunes for the two stanzas. I don't think I've noticed this in any other song, have you?

And check out the lyrics here. Thanks to Ramya for those.


Juggernought said...

Ah,Ramya's become a famous transalator now,has she.

Karthik.H said...


well kinda...i was searching for the lyrix...wen i stumbled upon her blog...nice job dat she's dun...