Saturday, 30 December 2006

Recent developments at College

The students of my college were given a rude shock on some day last month. We found out that ALL the walls in the campus (read Apartment Block) was to be completely tiled. With WHITE tiles a.k.a Bathroom tiles. How silly is that? Srivatsan even started a Community on Orkut to honour this decision by the College Management. I was planning to take a pic and put it on the blog, but then my sister has suttufied the Digicam and she's in Mumbai as of now, so that ambitious project of mine seems to be a distant dream.

I've recently discovered that talking in English and singing English songs sitting in the Last rows can invite some cold stares, not from the teachers (cos they can't hear it), but from most students. According to them listening to English songs makes you a Peter boy. The worst part is that if they hear you singing a tamil song, they would be like "Unakku tamil song kooda theriyuma???" with a wide :O:O on their faces. Come on people, I was not born listening to English songs. I started following English music only from Xth standard. That by itself is way too late by the standards of many people.

The prof who teaches Office Management for me is a total b*s*a*d. He sent me out of the class for talking to my bench mate. As if that wasn't enough, he marked me absent for that hour. He later announced an assignment that we are supposed to submit on 30th. I haven't even started on it. And he wants 20 pages, how crazy is that???. Anyways I'm going to college next only on 2nd of January, so I don't have to worry about it for quite some time.

The best of the recent stuff at college has to be the news that the College is working on the 1st of Jan. Who the hell in this world would wna attend college on 1st, especially my college???

A perfect start to the New year, bunking college. WoW. Hope it leads to more bunking. :D:D

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Rakesh said...

Dude who cares abt wat da guys say!! as long as u always join on to sing some pf numbers wit me.... We'll keep singin!!!!

ill learn some metallica numbers for u!! ;)