Monday, 8 October 2007

Formula One!

Amazing season coming to end this time around. Frankly speaking, the last 3 seasons have been awesome. 2k5 where Schumi had a bad car and was struggling against Renault's decently paced car. The end saw Schumi staging a return which was a tad too late to make much damage. Alonso literally walked away with the Championship. Schumi lost the title after 5 in a row. 2k6 saw a better car from Ferrari and an equally good car from Renault. Alonso made it look easy in the beginning, Schumi got right back in the middle of the season. It wasn't very late this time around. Schumi actually led the tally and had an amazing chance to win, until his very reliable car had an engine failure at Suzuka. Ferrari handed the title to Alonso this time, but must say he earned it. And shockingly, Schumi retired. Damn!!

Following the Formula One season is never easy without Michael Schumacher in it. I started seriously following F1 from 1997-98. This man is brilliant. Anyways, without him F1 is just not the same. 2007 came with lots of transfers to accompany it. Raikonnen (hated him, still do, kinda) tried stepping into the shoes of the No 1 Driver for Ferrari. Amazingly, massa gave him a run for his money. And in entered an unknown man called Lewis Hamilton. The first black man to enter F1. His entry was a laughable matter. No one in his right minds would put a rookie, an unknown, in the same team as the Defending Champion. But to everybody's surprise, even to Alonso's, this guy rocks. Being a true Tifosi, its hard not to support Ferrari. And so, I hate Mclaren, Simple as that. This guy, must be in Ferrari, he's got amazing talent and at some way to the middle, he said It was sad that Schumacher wasn't there as he wants to race with him. I laughed my ass off at this guy's comments. It's like Flypside saying its sad that they can't perform alongside the Beatles. A laughable matter.

At this stage, when he's set to become the First ever rookie to take the title of Formula 1 champion, i really wish Michael was there to race against this guy. Schumi can teach him what racing in the rain is all about, the Wet Weather Champion teaching a newbie. But watching Hamilton at Suzuka last weekend, its easy to observe that this man has got some talent even in the rains. He used the perfect strategy when he was behind the Safety car, slowing down, bringing the entire pack of 22 cars to a virtual standstill (oh for the uninitiated, you aren't allowed to overtake when the Safety car is doing its rounds) and then shooting off when he reached the home straight. Knowing that the car faster than his, is in 5th or 6th, it was the perfect strategy. Immaculately executed.

This season is set for a 3 way showdown at Interlagos (Brazil), 2 weeks from now. Hamilton, Raikonnen and Alonso all set to race for the title, its going to be amazing. With just 7 points separating the 3, its set to be one of the tightest fight for the championship. From what I hear, it was in 1986 that 3 people have had to race for the title in the last race. Obviously I am supporting Raikonnen, I don't want Alonso to win, straight as that. And I don't mind Hamilton winning, he deserves it. But still, Raikonnen it should be.

Ferrari has already won the constructor's title after the Spy Scandal. So it's just upto Raikonnen to make it a double.


Rohit said...

Amazing season this. To be fair, I think Alonso has also worked hard this season and i fell he might just win this. Hamilton seems to be another Schumi in the making.......

Karthik.H said...


Another schumi in the making?? Don't be ridiculous. Who can even match his style and calibre and technique. He's a master. He's GOD!

Hamilton has had an amazing car (mostly stolen from Ferrari) and he's got talent, agreed. Can't make it to F1 without talent. I'm sure if you had put Kubica in this Mclaren car, he would've given Alonso a scare. Hamilton is pure lucky to get a good car in his opening season.!

Anonymous said...

Schumi is a cheater da. Just because you like him, he isn't a legend and all. Shut up and watch Alonso rock!

Karthik.H said...


This isn't a place for crap mate!

And just so you know, Alonso submitted info bout the spying to FIA just to save his ass. And not in "General Interest".