Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Happy Birthday to John Lennon.

Yeah, today (Oct 9th) is John Lennon's birthday. The Greatest Musician ever. Better than Paul Mccartney i should say. Mccartney's voice is brilliant, but John is the leader, unclaimed, but he sure is. And what better timing, I found this video on youtube this morning.

This is the Promotional Video The Beatles had made for their Help! movie. This video shows Lennon, Mccartney and Harrison strumming their guitars and Starr holding an Umbrella looking bored most of the time. The song's awesome as usual, but this video stands out. The chemistry between the 4 of them is brilliant. Simply amazing. Lennon sitting in the front playing the guitar and singing, behind him is Mccartney followed by Harrison and Starr. Most of the time, the video shows the front, hence showing just Lennon and its amazingly hilarious to watch the rest of them trying to get into picture. Mccartney and Harrison often stretching their necks, looking from Lennon's shoulder. Funny to watch Starr not even bothering to try. But the last minute is hilarious.

Confetti falls and judging by the reactions, I don't think any of them knew it was going to. Starr is obviously bored and starts moving the umbrella when the confetti falls and it takes everybody by surprise. Lovely watching their reactions, with Harrison missing a line, mccartney swallowing some.

Another fun thing is the bouncing, Lennon obviously not interested, Mccartney kinda forcing Harrison to go along. You have to see it.

Anyways, Happy Birthday John Lennon.


sirpy said...

Ha.. the way they bounce on that plank..:D And I think the reason for them forgetting their lines and acting funny was because they used to smoke pot before shooting for any song and were usually high.

Karthik.H said...


It wasn't everyone...just George...and the reason was quite obviously the confetti falling as a surprise...