Monday, 22 October 2007

World Championship with Moti Laddoo!!

YES!!!! Yeah baby, yeah baby, yeah baby!! Raikonnen won it. He did it. Hip hip hoooooray!!! I'm hysterical, ballistic (yes, you read it right), extremely happy as of now. Doubly Happy. Ferrari has won the Constructors' and the Drivers' championships this season. A first after 2004, when the GOD did it for them with a Panache that's yet to be matched. It never was gna be easy for Raikonnen, stepping into MSC's shoes as the leading driver of the team. But Massa never gave up. Michael's retirement seemed to have pushed him and both these drivers were so awesome in the beginning that it was hard to say who's the lead driver for the team. But as the season progressed, Massa rode on a bit of misfortune and again resigned to playing second fiddle to the eventual Champion.

This season has seen ups and downs for both Ferrari and Mclaren. With the spy scandal happening, it was obvious Mclaren was in for a rough year. Even then, you gotta give it to them. Fielding a complete unknown along with the reigning champion isn't usually what a team would do. But I guess with Hamilton and Mclaren both being British, it was kinda obvious he'd have that edge in treatment. It kinda solidified when he started giving everybody including Alonso a run for their money.

Anyways, coming back to relevance. I watched this race only by Live Timing, cause the race started at 1030pm and I had to go to CAT classes this morning, so I couldn't stay at anyone's place to go watch it. Infact, it was due to this reason (not CAT classes, my sis was leaving the next morning) that I didn't watch GOD's last race. But caught every moment of it so many times on youtube. And yet again coming back to relevance, I wanted to celebrate. Had a Model Exam today, was way too happy, hyper to even think of studying. And I wanted to celebrate. Didn't know how to.

Was wondering if I should do a read up on Formula One history at Wikipedia to celebrate. But when I reached home, There It was. 2 whole boxes of one of my most favorite sweets. Moti Laddoo. Brilliance! Excellence!! Bliss!!! Its got an awesome taste which can only be beaten by my mom's vetha kozhambu and Channa. Food is SO much fun I tell you. When its done in a proper way, its Bliss. Can't find a better word.

So here it is. One Whole Moti Laddoo dedicated to Raikonnen's much deserved win this season. One more for Ferrari's victory. Probably one more for the Joint Win. May be one more for typing such a long post. And a final one with a glass of water to wash it all down. And probably a couple more as a Midnight snack. Just hope Nature doesn't call tomorrow morning. ;)


suraksha said...

Dude. Moti laddoo for a second got me thinking that you like fat laddoos. :P

Anyway, Motichoor laddoo happens to be one of my ABS favourite things in the world - and now you've gone and reminded me about it JUST when I can't eat. :( Sigh.

Karthik.H said...


its supposed to be read as mothi, not moti..loose... And oh yeah, Diet Girl!! :D

sirpy said...

Being a hard core McLaren fan I can only yell from a distance that Raikkoned won by sheer luck.. There are not many if only's.. :P

Karthik.H said...


and being a hardcore tifosi... so up yours.. :P

Dilip P said...

I am a McLaren and Kimi Fan... So Happy but not rejoicing...

Karthik.H said...


time to shift...start sayin Ferrari and Kimi fan.. :P