Monday, 14 April 2008

Times of India!

Yes! Finally the Times of India is here in Madras. My earliest memories of TOI is when my cousin from Bombay stayed with us for 2 years, he used to buy the Sunday Times for a whopping 6rs. That's when I got a taste of the Bollywood Gossips and the relatively unrelated section dedicated to Bollywood "Beauties"!

The Times of India, Chennai seems to be no different, the first day might be just to Capture the Audience and hence had very little Kollywood Drama stuff. We get enough of that from Matter Chronicle thank you very much.

The eds were ok, the font seems a bit small and the sports page was swallowed by a huge Dhoni Pic. I'm pretty surprised to see news about Chennai in almost all pages, instead of just page 3 or 4. This can be another initial step. The paper quality is kinda decent, not as good as The Hindu (the taste is what I'm talking about, yes I ate a bit! What's the big deal?) Overall, I remember the Times being a more bold and drastic kinda Paper, without taking sides on the Political front, but the Chennai Times didn't make any bold statements, waiting for that. And, the supplement kinda sucks, the usual ads (Satyam, Inox and Mayajaal) and as usual lots of Ladies! Unwanted. Overall, a let down on the whole Times feel and name. Sorry mates!

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