Thursday, 24 April 2008

Match # 1 CSK Vs MI

Day 1 of the IPL action in Chennai and I was hesitant to actually go to the match as Sem exams just started today!

Here's the pic, I was gorging on freshly made Ghee Roast at Bakya's when Rakesh called:

Him: Dude, I've got tickets for the match, coming?
Me: Er...
Him: Varaya illiya? (Are you coming or not?)-I actually dunno why I translate into English, I wonder if anybody even reads my blog!
Me: Yeah, ok. Count me in.

5 Mins later

Him: Dude, make sure You are they by 7pm.
Me: Yeah ok man. And how much should I pay?
Him: It's Pavillion Terrace, 4000 bucks, you gonna pay??
Me: he he, ok man. See you there!

Elated that I was gonna watch the match in such High Funda seats, I borrowed my friend's bike and made it back home and reached there by 710. As usual, he was late and he finally reached there at around 730. After numerous checks, we were finally shown our seats. I wanted to make a Blog Post out of the match and so typed a few messages and stored them in my Draft, here they are:

* Ok, match just started. Brilliant hitting by Hayden and Parthiv.
* Parthiv out, Hussey enters, a few shots and he's gone!
* Everybody in the Pavillion Terrace is stunned, not because of the wicket but because Simran Just Entered! She JUST Passed me, brushed past my knees, bliss! (cheap or whatever, its Simran and I get cheap there!)
* Raina Enters, 11 overs up
* Hayden and Raina hit half centuries. Hayden's playing some awesome shots. He Actually Reverse Sweeped Pollock! Wow!
* They're playing the Cliched "We will rock you". Oh wait, Freddie Mercury has some connection to Chennai! Good Thinking...
* Simran news again. Rakesh just said he's now got something to keep him happy and occupied for the night!!!
* Hayden's out! Standing ovation. Awesome Innings. Oram comes in. Last Over
* Dhoni hits a 6 and the DJ plays "Madurai Veeran thaaney". Good timing. Orey the situation songs!
* 209 to win for them. Lets see if they can do it. If Jayasuriya gets going, they sure can.
* Jayasuriya walks in. With another unknown guy. Wronki I'm told, Aussie.
* Simran's left. HUGE Disappointment! :(((((
* Jaysuriya out. Brilliant bowling. Pollock comes in, lets see what He can do. Last of the recognised big hitters actually.
* Good Batting from Pollock and Uthappa. Good Bowling by Goni!
* It's wonderful to listen to the Ball hitting the Middle of the bat even amidst the crowd noises. Whoever said Cricket is not beautiful. These sounds definitely are!
* Uthappa walks out. Bowled. Brilliant Bowling. "Cup la name a podu" quips in Rakesh. "Whenever there's a bowling change, a wicket falls, good captaincy" says his dad. Good thinking.
* Sachin (GOD) not playing. Kinda good in a way, cuz there would be supporting issues then. :-| But I wanna see him bat!!!
* Worstu bowling by Murali, numerous wides even before his actual over. City groom flopping.
* Brilliant catch by Oram to send Bravo back! Awesome stuff
* 79 from 5 overs. Sounds Impossible
* Murali finally takes a wicket.
* Awesome Drumming by Sivamani!!!
* 62 from 4 overs. Muahahahahahaaahhh!
* Bhajji hurt, play resumes 10 mins later.
* 41 from 3 overs. Hmmmmm....
* If they can manage a 20 run over, it can be really close. But they're running outta quality batsmen.
* 2 Continous 6s from Murali's over. Bajji taking it close. 29 from 2 overs. Very close.
* Bajji making it happen here. Murali's bad bowling helps him. 20 from 8 balls.
* Murali pathetically dodging bajji. Now, bajji retaliates. Wait, is this a trick from Murali? He got him out the very next ball he actually bowled. Awesome stuff. Mind games. Who said T20 is just bam boosh whissh???
* 19 from last over. Still possible. Jog Sharma bowling. This is real Close. 4-4-1 (No ball) Free hit. This is NOT good. 9 required. Yorker as a free hit ball, no run from that. 9 from 3 balls. 2 shots can do it. Nehra on strike and just a single. 8 from 2. Still achievable. No run of the penultimate ball. WE WINN!!!!!! Win by 6 runs. That was bloody close!

While coming back home in the borrowed vehicle, I was just cruising along the beach road at 30kmph, enjoying the beach by night, and the brilliantly illuminated Beach Road. Took a right to Radhakrishnan Salai and again a smooth road. Bike was pretty nice. Enjoyed the city by night. Never seen the Gemini Junction THAT empty!!! I almost reached my home, it took me almost 30 mins at 30kmph. It was awesome. But then, I was like "what the hell? Let's break loose!". Went past my home, and reached an empty road. Came to a standstill and decided to touch 100kmph! :D

Reached it twice, starting from 0. Once in the 100 feet road, from the Senthil Towers signal till the Ashok Nagar Signal. Had to stop to take the turn. Bike was awesome. Apache RTR 160. Very smooth gear shifts and the balance was impeccable. Ride position was comfortable, the revs were easy to reach and the Digital Speedometer definitely helps at high speed. Took a left turn at the signal to reach the Ashok Nagar main road. Broke loose all over again, went past a usually trafficed signal at a 110kmph. Touched 115 kmph at one point. That was the maximum cuz I ran outta road. And I had to actually crouch in the bike. It was superb and the Adrenaline Jolt was cool. :D Now I know how those guys racing around the city feel like. I wna do this often, but not when the roads are crowded, I wna do it at 1am when the beggar's sleeping peacefully on the Platform and the Kaiyendhi Bhavans are shut down! :)


Rakesh said...

bam boosh whissh??????????? LMAO!!!

no good time in the nite da!! after some nice dreams... slept off!!! :(

ice_fire said...

looks like u had loads of fun.
and nut drive carefully.
i dont approve of the racing part

Sriram said...

Awesome match.. so jealous tat u got tickets man... cha they're so costly... worstu... and 115kmph brilliant!!!

Karthik.H said...


Sad the you!


Much fun. Well, I don't too, that's why i did it in the Night! :)


Osi tickets man! :D

rt said...

too much:((....they gotto install 24 hr cameras n speed sensors at every main road esp 4 ppl like u..i havent even touched a bicycle in 1 yr.