Sunday, 6 April 2008


It's all a Question of taste. I liked the colour of Cranberries for the Living Room, my parents and bro agreed when they looked at it in the Palette. I simply Loved it. When the Painter finally got the Can of Paint and started painting it, bro gave a weak eye. Parents returned from work in the evening and were just short of Puking looking at the walls. I love it.

The house is kinda set now, just the main bedroom and the main bathroom remain to be tiled and the walls are yet to be painted. Bro had chosen a goldish brown for his room's walls and the end color ("romba dark a irukkum thambi-it'll be too dark" and adds bucket loads of water) is Saamiyaar Orange. It looks sick, but goes well with the creamish tiles, bro is furious, parents are still short of Puking and I am ok with it.

My Brother is the laziest ass in the world, its not a compliment. He knew there was cleaning and moving going on (mom and I were cleaning the computer table and moving it back into the room), so he pretended to sleep through it. I knew what he was doing, so I cleaned everything and just refused to move it back in. Bro woke up thinking it was all over, first thing mom says to him "you have to move it to the room by yourself". Now I give him the evil eye!

On a totally different note, I'm looking forward to the Trip and testing my new Camera there.
Sem exams start on 23rd.

Complete Rowdyism during the Model Exams. The guys from my class are a hugely reluctant lot, we went into the exams room 15 mins past the start time, collected our papers and blinked away to glory. I don't know about the others, but what I did would definitely make a lot of professors shake their head in disbelief. I would walk in coolly 15 mins late. Get my sheets and faithfully write the first side of the main sheet and then go to sleep! I woke up after a cool 1 hr sleep and go out for "toilet" and go to the Juice Shop and the Bakery and on my way back, relieve myself. 20 mins after I left to the "toilet", I would walk in to the exam hall, sit and stare at the ceiling, advise the Juniors that they're gna sell the papers for cash at the Kayaalan Kadai and then submit the paper and walk out happily. This, I swear, is what I did for most of the Exams. Fun!! :D

Update: I googled Cranberry Ice (the name of the Colour I chose from the Palette) and as it turns out, Cranberry Ice is Pink In colour (Thanks to Rape for that alert). My Colour, apparently is Blueberry Ice! Screw Asian Paints, not my bad! :D


Anonymous said...

The colour of cranberries? CRANBERRIES? =) Heh. Put up some photos, cos I find my imagination failing me on this one!

And lmao @ Saamiyar Orange! :P

Gads said...

Are you not allowed to go home after 2 hours?

I did similar stuff. Walk in half an hour late. First thing I would do is fill the No. of Addl. Sheets column as NIL. :P

Then sleep for an hour. Ask friends for 2 or 3 answers (2 mark questions).

Stare and once 2 hours is completed, submit the paper and go home. :P

P.S.: I'm from day college. Final year.

Rakesh said...

dei... wat Trip??? modals semma comedy man!! i wanna go thru this week ONE MORE TIME!!! next sem aa??? :D:D:D:D

Anonymous said... ultimate kalai man.. juice shop and bakery too much :D...wish all colls were like this...

Karthik.H said...


Lol, updated, Blueberry it is! and pics coming up shortly.. :D


They let us leave after 2 hrs and 45 mins, almost the entire length! I thought Day coll guys were Pazhams (fruits) and would not indulge in Rowdyism, I stand corrected I guess! :P


Unfortunately, only next sem! :(


lol, thanks da...I'm surprised my coll is like this! :P

Gads said...

lol.. Interestingly, we guys think the same about evening college guys. ;)