Thursday, 11 June 2009

Bleh di doo, Blah di da..

Been a long time since I wrote anything here. Well, not much has been going on as such, lazed vacation. I spend nights trying to watch a movie, but I end up watching Boston Legal or The Simpsons, sleep late -early morning I should say- wake up late, spend mornings strategically planning computer time so that Bro doesn't see through the plan to hog it, evenings contemplating if I should ride all alone till Besant Nagar for Badminton or sit at home and watch, well, Boston Legal or The Simpsons and the cycle repeats.

I really thought once the holidays started, I could watch all those movies I missed and listen to all that held up music in my system, but then you know how it goes when it comes to plans and me! I somehow can not work them out, even when I meticulously plan them sitting on the pot. There have been other things I've planned to do, like make calls for accommodation in Delhi, return that one month due DVD to the store, check out suitcases and similar things and obviously I've not done any of them. It's slighta bummy that I am not doing the things I should be.

I've got only a month in Chennai! :( I'm off to Delhi for my Journalism Course on the 15th of July. As usual, there are the people who ask for goodbye treats and there are people who actually deserve them (*hint hint* Recession!) I'm not gonna bore you with the usual 'oh, i will miss this city, i will miss my friends' and things. Madras is my home and the fact that I know I'll be back in less than 2 years is a decent enough solace.

I am officially blahed out.


CkisgoD said...

Delhi's pretty awesome, dude... I remember officially HATING Chennai when i first moved in.

Now its grown on me.. gotten used to the beaches, the vetti floos and Bakya.. but hey, if you are a foodie.. Delhi is your ultimate destination.

Roadside chole bhatures in the frigging winter are THE best stuff life can offer :)

And bout the vettness this hols, its a universal phenomenon. Only diff is u watch Simpsons, while I watch Southpark.

Anonymous said...

Madras is the best fucking city in the world ever :)..


Rakesh said...


and i see that "floo" is starting go around.. i like that :)

MST said...

Heard the road side chaat is amazing in Delhi.

Heard the girls over there are violent too! Be careful...If you try to act smart with them, they will break your legs. Aint good ol Chennai no more!

Have fun packing.