Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Is it True?

Indeed. The Madras University somehow see it fit to pass me in all of them final semester exams and hence, yours truly is now a Graduate!

Karthik Krishnan H B Com (Corporate Secretaryship)

Boy, that's a lot of characters!

And is this a big deal? In this mad mad world of valueless Under Graduate Degrees, I guess not. To me? Yes, I am sane enough after 3 years in that Unimaginable place and I can slighta see where I am headed in the future.

PS: Yes, Ego trip mood, so I am boasting. I got admits from ALL the colleges I applied to! Times School of Journalism, Delhi; Manorama School of Journalism, Kottayam and our very own Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. I'm heading to Times, the farthest from home! :D

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Anonymous said...

Machan.. Treat :)..