Monday, 5 October 2009

To do the do..

I don't really know what is going on and I do NOT, I repeat I do NOT know what part I am playing in this. Sometimes I even doubt if I am part of It. the terms express train and clutching on to of dear life comes to mind.

It is difficult to do nothing because you never know when you're done.

And things aren't made any better, or any worse for that matter, by this certain feeling towards this certain girl. But one thing’s for sure, the fact that I am again being this dumb asshole who doesn't do anything about it, that definitely makes things worse. Why am I always the first person to comment on stuff, but not proactive when It comes to women? What Is It that stops me? Fear of being turned down? That could be a reason seeing how frequent that happens. Or is it the fear of being accepted? That could be a reason, seeing how the only girl I truly ever loved said just three words when I poured myself out to her - after some external coaxing by some unintentional parties - bad timing dude. Most of the times, I wonder all the action Is even worth all this!

No seriously, it’s happened a thousand times before and it’ll happen a thousand times more. Why is this one time so darn difficult? Is it any different you ask me, and I say I don't know? There’s a start!

There’s something else running in the background.

And time, goes by, so slowly... Time has a weird way of doing things. Very weird. Do do do...

I am the dodo... I am the smitten freakin' dodo..


Anonymous said...

haha, aww.

do something!

Rakesh said...

fear of being accepted? comedy floo