Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Formula 1 season, a round up.

Well, the Formula 1 season's all but ended. Ross Brawn has proved that he's pretty good at what he does. Button's finally got what he deserved, Kudos to him. Massa had an accident. Is he Jinxed?! Hamilton's championship goes down the drain. Michael Schumacher didn't make the comeback, extremely disappointed with that. Force India's dramatic and rather short lived showing, let's wait and see what they have to offer in '10. FIA shows its might to the Renault team. A team fixes a race, literally asks one of its drivers to crash in order to let the other win. Incredible guts!!

This season was bad for a tifosi. It was hard to see Ferrari going down like this, barely fighting. The main problem with Ferrari is that they've never been able to make a strong come back, a strong enough come back to challenge the leaders. This happened in 2006 too. Renault got off to an awesome start to the season, MSC had bad luck. By the time it started turning around, it was too late to win, even for the dream team of Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn and Jean Todt.


Biggest one of all. Alonso moves to Ferrari. I DO NOT like this transfer one bit. It's like Tiger Woods joining the European team, it's like Federer playing for Spain in the Davis Cup.

Alonso is an excellent driver, there's no doubt in that. He's won Two World Championships and if that isn't proof enough, he won it when Michael Schumacher and Ferrari were at their best. He then moved to a bigger team, McLaren and everybody knows the deal with Hamilton and Alonso. Two big ego filled balloons fighting for the title is good for the sport, but inside a team, there have to be some compromises. Raikonnen and Massa are both awesome drivers and they have both driven for Ferrai for the past Three years, ever heard of any issues between them?! I just can't imagine what's going to happen between Massa and Alonso next year. I just hope Ferrari can make Alonso a better driver, both in technique and as a team man.

Raikonnen, a shocker. He says he might not race next year! The guy's an awesome driver. I've had some issues with him when he was fighting Schumi, but hey, I have that for anyone and everyone who challenges MSC, except probably Hakinnen, who was as brilliant as MSC. I really hope Kimi gets a contract, the sport can't lose a good driver like him, not when the pillars of the sport are in question.

Kubica moves to Renault to fill up Alonso's spot. I don't know if it is just Steve Slater, but he's been built up way too much. He's got the occasional podium, but to say that he's a competitor for the title, that's just pushing it.

One more small hope is Karun Chandok gaining a seat in Force India. I know this is more than just a hope, but then, Mallya's said that if Chandok's good enough, he'll give him the spot. Chandok's an awesome commentator (listen to his commentary in the Brazil GP'08), but as a driver, I don't know.


The only change in the rules that I know of is the ban of Refuelling during the Pits. This is beyond my imagination. There is going to be immense pressure on the pit crew to be quickER, like anyone else can change 4 tyres, fuel a car with around 200 kgs of petrol and get it back in perfect running condition in less than 8 seconds. Well, one thing's for sure. There will not be anymore events of drivers driving away with the fuel rigs still attached to the car.

Here's wishing luck to all of them for the next season.

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