Thursday, 29 October 2009

My Jogging Pangs

I tried Jogging a day ago, early in the morning of course, BAD Mistake. All I was wearing was my German Football club Tee, shorts and shoes. Truth be told, parts of my body that haven't ever gone cold froze away. I did a round around my block, around one kilometer and the last 200 or so metres, I sprinted just to get back home, and the moment I did, I didn't care to remove my shoes, just lied down and covered myself with my blanket and didn't wake up for the next hour.

But that was yesterday.

This morning when the alarm went off blaring away to glory, I woke up, shut it and realisation dawned. I had NO motivation whatsoever. I am not fat, I need to put on weight actually. There are no marathons coming up. There's no girl pushing me to get toned. Even though I want to, I am not in Karate classes anymore, so no one to tell me that my calves are as weak as a stick of butter.

My only solace is that I love running. But that isn't enough to wake me up at 6 am in this bloody cold and jog.

So, if anyone of you can think up of something that'll keep my going, something that'll push me into Jogging mode, I'd be more than welcome. Pseudo reasons just to help me are appreciated too, but don't be like me, be Subtle.


Shendu said...

1) Psychological Reason - By jogging you'll get the feeling of actually doing some form of exercise which ofc will give you a better state of mind.

^^That's a lot of BS.

2) Actual Reason - Surely there'll be a few girls (plastic or otherwise) there who'll go jogging in the wee morning hours to keep up their "svelte figure". Go figure. :D

Anonymous said...

worshtu layout.

Do it if you want to.. motivation illeyaa quarter adichutu kupera paduthu thoongu...

Karthik.H said...

yes, I tried telling myself 1), but didn't help.

Unfortunately, I was feeling too cold to notice anyone else there. Maybe there was someone.. Should give it a go..

Layout changed. bad one, agreed..