Tuesday, 24 November 2009

In want of a little perspiration..

Winters are crazy here in Delhi. One drop of sweat! That's all I'm asking for. For a Madras guy, sweat is second nature. We need to sweat a bit, whichever month of the year it is. And I haven't perspired in more than a month!!

And to all those people sitting in Madras and going "no, we hate sweating" and all that blah.. Come spend a month in temperatures between 8 and 13 and you'll know what I am talking about. The thought of having to roam around in your home with multiple layers of clothes is blasphemous. Worst of all, having to wait for the water to heat up using that god darned immersion rod is torturous. But then again, the warmth that you feel when you tent yourself under that thick kambli (blanket) of yours is worth it.

That alarm clock (over the ages, people have scolded the alarm clock using choice words, but this is, for every practical purpose, indispensable) goes mad and you'll HAVE to get out of that warm cocoon of yours to take bath and then go to college in God Ugly buses. The buses in Delhi are of two types. The pathetic ones and the proper ones. The Pathetic ones are just plain pathetic, you never know if that prick from the seat is a loose spring or a shard from a beer bottle. The proper ones, like the A/C buses in Madras are extremely over-crowded (thereby negating the proper adjective) and they barely stop at the places they should. This is the state of public transport in the Capital, which by the way, is hosting the Commonwealth Games.

After taking the Metro (which is awesome, except for the combined cost of ticket and rickshaw to reach college being higher than taking the bus to college and back), I switched to the bus. Now, I really don't mind the cold. I am seriously considering getting a cycle. It'll be a good workout and I honestly don't mind the 10km distance, the cold will help me get through it. With a little bit of luck, I might sweat a bit too!! :D


Rakesh said...

Cycle is an awesome idea. and i dream about Madras not having any rain but still have envious amounts of water.

Madras is supposed to be hot, everyone likes the heat. None of us can stay without it.

I pity you man, we are designed to battle any amount of heat but not even ONE degree drop in temperature.. surprisingly you are doing well, must be a " Kerala Trait "

Karthik.H said...


What misery? Isn't the kerala thing growing old already?!
besides, with a round neck, a tee and a jacket on top, it's quite easy..

oh and btw, these bhaaskars over here say "winter" is yet to come..

anu said...

Dude, Please buy urself some sweaters, socks, mufflers, gloves and definitely rajaih. When real winter comes (yes, anyone who has been thru delhi winters will tell u the real thing is what u get in Dec & Jan and not Nov... everyday’s newspaper headlines will claim the previous day was the coldest day in the year so far!!) ur kambli will not be enough. Don’t want you to die of cold or end up with pneumonia.

Your Sis

Rakesh said...

*hey hey everybody*

Kerala thing never gets too old.... You will forever be attached with that tag my friend.

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