Saturday, 22 December 2007


For a while now, Rapecase and Golti J have been competing against each other about the non-use of their cell phones. The first thing they do when they come to college is check each other's SMS count for the day and the Lifetimer thingy. Golti J has been winning hands down in SMSs and it's Rapecase to glory with the lifetimer.

Yesterday, during one of their routine checks, Golti J put in the code for checking the SMS count and it says "Other Error". He thought it was just a one time mistake from Aircel and put in the code to check again and again the same response. He was shocked this time. Then he put in the code to check the Balance and again "Other Error". When he let everybody know of what happened, I replied Immediately "Dude, you know that in Banks, they freeze someone's accounts if they aren't operated for around 3 years or something, probably the same has happened to your phone" and it was laughathon. Just to make sure it wasn't Aircel's fault, Rapecase checked his SMS count and Balance and there was no "Other Error" for him.

After Brainstorming and laughing our asses off for a while, Rapecase came up with this idea of giving Golti J a missed call, just to make sure his phone was working. I gave him a cut call. There was no "Other Error" after he got that cut call from me. Turns out I was right about his Phone's Inactiveness!!


Rakesh said...

Im utterly insulted by this post

appadinu solluvenu mattum nenekaathey!! keeping one's phone is an art not perfected by many!! but we have done that without much fuss!!

Rakesh said...

add "idle" after one's phone!! sorry.... the slip of the word

Karthik.H said...


Art indeedy!! :P