Thursday, 20 December 2007

Snippets II

- Peeps returned back home from a visit to Sister at Bombay yesterday and it was a total fiasco at home in the cooking area. Very few visits to the Kitchen, coupled with No Milk and Coffee in the morning made it a bit wierd for both my Brother and Me

- Some Mokkais:
At Accounts class in College- Complete Optimisers comp went into Liquidation, Rapecase quips in: So much for their Optimism crap!

At Rapecase's place- I'm drenched to the Bone and dripping wet and Rapecase's mom says "Paathu po pa, nenanjida pore" (Careful, you might get wet), that kept Golti J and me laughing for the rest of our Marathon 1 1/2 hour journey from Besant Nagar to Mahalingapuram.

- Thanks to a Compressing Software that I found, I've been able to squeeze in more songs than before into my mp3 player.

- English Class at IMS, done with the assignment and I am waiting for the rest of them to complete, I start looking at the tube-lights there and count the steel reflectors placed there. There's one right above me and I had to tilt my head back a bit to continue counting and suddenly there's this tap on my head from the girl sitting behind me. Didn't wna risk turning back and looking at her, wasn't sure if it was a jest for jolly tap or an irritating tap!

- Got a Question which included "Something" and "I need you". Soon as I read that, my head started to play Something, couldn't continue with the work and had to let it complete till the last guitar riff, was fun.

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