Sunday, 9 December 2007

Deep Woods'07

Deep Woods, for the uninitiated is MCC's culturals, the biggest among arts colleges. This time was fun thanks to a less turnout. May be the rain in the first day deterred them, nonetheless, this time around the crowd was in right numbers if you ask me, not too crowded, not deserted either.

I took part in Shipwreck and JAM this time. Shipwreck was a total wreck, I was supposed to be Borat and I tried to imitate such a fake accent and ended up sounding a bit like him in the movie and a bit like Joey trying out his fake Italian Accente.

And JAM was awesome to say the least. It was not a walk in the park as it has been so long in Ethiraj and MOP. MCC has the toughest competitions around mainly because they allow Engineering Colleges to participate. Murali, friend and JAM God performed well in Shipwreck and should've won but missed it, did extremely well in JAM and won 2nd place walking away with 600 bucks. Not a lot you may think, but for an Arts college, that's a lot. And his flirting partner from Ethiraj took away 900 bucks as the 1st place. I ended up in the 3rd place, a neat 40 points clear of the 2nd place. I'm Proud of my performance though I threw away certain objections, not caring about the end result. Could've been closer and the Spotter seemed to be Biased against the men.

Out and out I had soooper fun. I learnt a lot of JAMming techniques and I'm waiting to put them into good proper use. Stella Mari's culturals in sometime next week I heard, so waiting to go there.


S said...

Stella's next week eh? :D hee, i'll come there, eternally vetti as i am :D

and i'll come see you in action at JAM ;)

Şuρēŗmųr™ said...

Thank you! Thank you!..N correction - I got 750 and she got a whopping 1000 bucks!..N i repeat - For a person as inexperienced u are, u are some of the fastest learners in the jamming circuit!..Kudos! :D

ambi said...

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