Thursday, 8 May 2008

Things that have Happened...with me, without me!

A long break from Blogging thanks to my wretched exams. Those things are finally over and I'm now in the 3rd and final year of college. I still can't believe that I made it through this far! I've always seen myself as this small short boy who just refuses to grow (may be because of the people around me) and there are still people who treat me like I'm 5. That's fun, all the pampering is kinda nice as long as it doesn't get to your head and for me it has.

Anyways, Here are some of the things that have happened, some are of my doing, some of them not even close to me...

* Exams over, 3rd year now.
* Went to a Class mate's Sister's wedding reception which took place in Velachery. Man that place is FAR away. I never realized that Chennai was this big. There are a lot of places in Chennai that I haven't seen/visited. I feel ashamed...
* CAT preparations came to a grinding halt when Sem Exams started. Now to continue with those...
* Some of my College friends and I are planning a Bike Trip to Yelagiri. The weather's supposed to be awesome there and the Bike Trip will help me lose a bit of the tension that's been building up in my head, thanks to numerous things.
* My bro's done with his College. 4 Years of gruelling struggle at SSN college and he's done with it. The worst part is, his Project got delayed and so his MS Admissions are getting a bit delayed too. Meanwhile, my dad wants him to work, understandable, the thing is that, My dad wants him to join work from this Monday!! I was shocked, why can't he be let free for a while. I was telling my dad that It'd be better if he joined from the 1st of June and surprisingly, My bro says he's got No Problems going to work on Monday. Crazy Bugger!
* As CAT is steadily approaching, my dreams of Enrolling myself into a Drums Class and resume Karate Classes seems to be pretty far fetched...
* Narain Karthikeyan winning the final A1 GP was an amazing achievement. 3rd season in and we're 10th out of 20 teams in the final tally. Brilliant progress seeing that we managed to get No points in the 1st season!
* Formula 1's moved to the Europe and this season promises another Thrilling Season. Ferrari dominating the points tally! Awesome.

On a totally different note, My sister's coming home for a few days. I gotta go pick her up from the Airport in the Morning since my parents are in Bangalore attending some wedding. Excited... And I just realized that it's 1230 am and her flight lands at 645 here. I gotta get some sleep!

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