Monday, 31 March 2008

The Match and It's Aftermath!!

I went to watch the Final Day of the Test Match. It was a boring day of Cricket with just some 4 wickets falling, but as an Experience, it was awesome. I got my face Painted, a pus-filled boil on my Thumb and a Lot of Gyaan on Bottle Hitting! Here are a few Pics!

The remnants of the Bottle that was used for the Beat Keeping! :D. Battered Soldier indeed!

And the boil in my finger thanks to all that Bottle Banging...Not paining, but wasn't able to handle a Spoon..

At the Match, From the Left: Murali, Rape, Me, Sappe, Vinu, Vatsan

A very tired me with the Bottle on the way back...

On the Topic of my fingers, Notice the lack of Finger Prints! :O


Divya said...

heh.. bottle hitting is so much fun.. we do that in our college culturals.. fill the bottle with tiny stones and hit.. terrific sound.. :D..

Karthik.H said...


If only I'd known this before...this was goot fun too.. :D