Thursday, 20 March 2008

Bad Morning!

My computer was kinda out of order for the past week. Another victory for the Virus Creators. Thanks to a week's non use, the computer has amassed some dust and I've temporarily lost my Typing skills.
Anyways, this morning I had my usual CAT classes. Woke up at 5 and downloaded a few stuff. Left for the class by around 6. It seemed like the gods were waiting for me to step out cuz as soon as I set foot outside, it started to rain a bit. Not to be bothered by this, i bravely left home only to be drenched (almost) within a few yards from my home. Taking shade under some unopened shop, i cleaned my helmet and after a few mins, the rain stopped and I resumed my 12km long trip (it's in Adyar and I live in Kodambakkam). 2 streets later, I almost dozed off while checking the speedo and was rather rudely awaken by a Blaring horn from a huge white Ambassador.
Being the gentleman that I am, I took my hand off the accelerator and waved apolegetically to the driver of that car and I was multi tasking as well. Going at around 50kmph, I waved my right arm at the Driver, braked hard with my left arm and skidded for a few metres. Luckily, I was able to control my power slide (:P) and was never to be found asleep again till I reached class. While coming back too, it wasn't all pleasant. My player ran outta juice and I hadn't charged it, so I had to go empty eared in the first place. Then, as soon as I kept my helmet on my seat while returning, it slipped and fell down and my precious tinted Visor broke into two. :(
Its not what I would call a pleasant morning. Hoping that 2 episodes of Top Gear and 1 episode of Lost would set me right.... :D


Rakesh said...

how was the class?? btw I deserved mention in this post!!

sirpy said...

Adyar and kodambakkam...? IMS aa...?

Karthik.H said...


Class was kinda ok...and what makes you think you "deserved a mention" in my miseries! :P


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