Sunday, 23 March 2008

Parents The Return!

My parents returned last friday evening from their 20 day Vacation covering Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. They stayed for a week in HK with my Sister and they apparently had the most fun. Hmph! Anyways, here are a couple of Photos:

Dad and Mum at Disney Land's Entrance...

Sis, er, trying something...

Anyways, its good to have them back.
The funny thing is, while Mom had stories and stories of what happened there and what they did and stuff, dad went on ranting about the Cleanliness and the Discipline of the Places and People there!
Loads of Chocolates, some Clothes, A Shining New Camera and a yet to arrive External HDD is what mainly interests me, apart from Mom's awesome stories o'course! :D


Anonymous said...

Can I has chocolates?

Karthik.H said...


Chocolates almost over man. Just a couple of Bars left. Blame my bro and Me!! :D