Tuesday, 4 March 2008

We Are The Champions!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes...

That's the gist of the noises that erupted in my house when Hopes nipped a catch to Piyush Chawla. Even the 'supervisor' guy (who seemed to have come to my home just to watch the match) and the workers erupted in joy once the match was over. It was really wonderful to see a match being won by India in a pretty convincing manner, though we were easily some 20-30 runs short of where we would've wanted to be. Ponting and his bunch of 'players' couldn't do what Dhoni and his men did. Simply because they didn't have a Sachin in their team, Well, who wouldn't want him in his team?

It was another of those times when Sachin missed his century. It could've been a twin century attempt, similar to the Sharjah Innings a decade ago (man, has it really been that long???) which brought down the mighty Aussies that time too.

Praveen Kumar was amazing with his swingers, imagine surprising Wasim Akram!!!

Overall, an amazing match. Well worth Bunking College for!! :D

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