Sunday, 2 March 2008

Positives' 08!

M.O.P's Vis Com dept held a Photography cum Graphic Exhibition and good friend Divya Murali invited me to it. I visited that place this evening and it was amazing to say the least.

The amount of work, patience, creativity that's gone into each and every work is seriously hard to contemplate. I always knew girls were a patient lot when it came to creativity, but this was awesome. DM was kind enough to give me a tour of that place. It was the nth time for her but still she managed to ignore my non-existent Art Knowledge and was patient enough to tolerate my nonsense. Thanks Divya :)

I also met Namrata (Namy, apparently), Divya's friend and complemented her on a couple of her works. A Temple which seemed to have taken ages to complete (6 Months apparently), a face which was really nice and a Painting of Three Ladies which was actually quite good. A couple of Divya's photos were displayed. One of them was mis credited. Poor girl.

Overall, it was really wonderful to see those works. Man those babes are Creative.


sirpy said...

Dude.. Babes are always creative.. We just miss out on them, blinded by the stereotype.. :)

sagaro said...

Dude you also know Namrata... not good not good... the whole world is plotting against me... :(

Karthik.H said...


lol...guess so..


I don't "know" her man...jus got introduced to her...pull istaap..
I ain't plotting against you...and what's going on btw u both for me to plot against you? :P