Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Miss South Carolina!

A long time ago, in some beauty pageant that i saw, some judge asked this female some question relating to her best ever feeling and she answered that her best feeling was eating sweets out of her mom's hands, I laughed my ass of for that reply. I figured (then) that if THE best feeling she's ever had is eating sweets out of her mom's hands, THE worst feeling must be going to the Loo or something.

And after all these years, i've learnt that only Dumb (read funny, dumb and stupid) answers are released as videos. Like this one!!! It's freaking hilarious. THE most funny vid I have ever come across. But on the other side, it just shows that American Teenagers are way more Dumb and Idiotic when compared to even the Teens of probably Malawi. They can atleast come up with a funny line when asked why some of their citizens can't locate their Country on the Map!!! Funny or not, I'm bloody sure they wouldn't pull in the lack of Education in Iraq and South Africa when asked why Americans can't recognise their own country on the Map.