Tuesday, 25 September 2007

We are the Champions!!!

Yes! India has won the Inaugral T20 World Cup!!! Dhoni and his posse of men Defeated Australia, England, South Africa and Pakistan twice to lay their hands on the gleaming cup. It was an ecstatic moment at Rapecase's with loads of friends and his whole family. It was a wonderful atmosphere at his place. Tension was running high. For a brief period, Rapecase's Dad was banished from his own living room. He had to catch the winning moments on the replay.

About the match, It was an amazing one. Every single guy had contributed in some way or the other throughout the tournament. There was some brilliant bowling from Pathan, R.P.Singh and Joginder Sharma. Harbajan tried but like Sreesanth ended up giving lots of runs. As for Sreesanth, he's one hell of a run giver, but he ends up taking a wicket or two, but it doesn't compensate in anyway.

Dhoni is the future Ganguly for the Indian Cricket team. Infact this dude's much bolder and courageous when it comes to taking some crucial decisions at Crunch times. His decision to toss the ball to Joginder Sharma for the last over was a very bold one to understate. Every guy in that room had their Adam's Apples at the tips of their mouths when Misbah-Ul-Haq thrashed that first ball for a six in the last over. Thanks to some sense from Joginder's side and some bad thinking from the batsman's side, India won.

Happiness and Madness aside, India could've as easily lost the match as they won. Had Misbah-Ul-Haq chosen Sense over slogging (fluke), we would've been pretty sad and the same people who are God-Worshipping the Cricketers would be burning Effigies right now. Thank god the batsman's presence of mind sucked.

Overall India won, everyone's happy. Including the seniors!!!


D said...

Finally! An honest review giving credit to the opposition as well. No one would play a shot like that with 4 balls left. 2 balls, maybe but 4 balls! What was he thinking! Fair enough though because fine leg was short and it was one place you could get an easy four , ONLY if you CONNECT! Well played to both teams.

Karthik.H said...


yeah...miserable shot selection...perfectly pre-meditated...

suraksha said...

Glory, Glory, Forever India's To Be! :) :P