Wednesday, 26 September 2007

For the Benefit of Mr.Boredom!

STATUTORY WARNING: Proceed reading if and only if you are extremely Bored.

There are times when you are very bored and the monotony around you sucks you in totally. Sometimes you realize that the above mentioned is happening, other times you just fail to comprehend what exactly is going on. Before you get your act together and start coming up with your defense, your chance is gone. Boredom has it's own ways of taking up your time. Its got a really brilliant rebuttal system.

Imagine you get bored in class, you whip out your cell phone and start messaging someone. A conversation builds up and you are rid of your boredom. Strangely enough, when this kind of a situation might happen to anyone, its the Phase two (the conversation stage) that wouldn't happen to everybody. Annoyingly, the usual conversation buddies decide to ditch you and answer back in mono syllables or not answer at all. That's exactly when Boredom's had it's happy moment. That's one of the Million ways boredom comes down on you and totally screws you.

Following the warning posted above, many (of the very few regular followers) might have read ahead and reached this stage of the post. And I might've helped you get rid of your boredom, if even for a brief moment. If that's happened, you are most welcome to buy me a Banana Milkshake at Fruit Shop (25rs). If it didn't help you eradicate your boredom, you are most welcome to buy me a Coke or a Pepsi (7rs). If it resulted in increasing your levels of already existing boredom and added some frustration, you are welcome to buy me a Bun-Butter-Jam and a Lime Juice (10rs) at the shops near my College.

Choose your thing and gimme a call. :D


Rakesh said...

i have no idea wat ur point is!! but i guess tats da beauty of being bored!! :)

bad attempt @ tryin to come up wit some good stuff!! ( don try and argue sayin u write for ur own self and all tat crap )


Karthik.H said...


Idea was to spread my boredom...if not help you get rid of it.. :D

Şuρēŗmųr™ said...

Nice job only macha..Boredom can be a pain in the a** sometimes..At half past 1 u helped me get rid of 2 mins of boredom..don listen to rape! Aana athukku enkitte oru single halls kooda expect pannathe..oru thx vechu manage panniko!

Anonymous said...

Look who's talking about being monosyllabic!!

Karthik.H said...


bad boy...didn't you read the terms and conditions properly??



sirpy said...

I ignored the statutory warning like a nincompoop.

Karthik.H said...


That was the main intention! You're not the first one! :D

And warnings are meant to be ignored i guess... :P

Wascally Wabbit said...

The list is unique.. It didn't have pitcher of beer in it ;-)

Karthik.H said...

@wascally wabbit

fortunately or unfortunately, I hate Beer!! :D