Monday, 17 September 2007

i-fix Drive!

This was the second i-fix that happened and my first one. It was super fun to say the least. Reached the ensemble spot at 9 10 thanks to traffic to catch Jaydev and another guy already waiting there. A few of us including Vijay and Mahesh joined us. Then the small bit of confusion. There are 2 depots in the silly area of Adyar. Some of them had gathered at the other one. So the 5 or 6 of us who had come here went there, to meet up with co-i-fixers. Then we left for tea to a small hotel nearby and at around 10 30 for the site. The drive happened in and around Anna Street, Tiruvanmiyur.

With Ram providing us the Orange Reflector Jackets, it was super cool to be fixing pot-holes. It seemed like this time the concrete mixture and stuff was sorted out. It was much easier this time (atleast that's what the ones who were part of the previous drive said). I spent most of my time there diverting traffic, transporting Concrete using Ganesh's car and drinking Tea. After 4 hours of fixing holes, watching Drunk Men, watching a small boy get smacked hard, it was finally over. We managed to fix around 15-20 potholes and we fixed them good. The Rain Gods decided to watch us rather than shower their love on us.

Later, at around 2 30 am, 5 of us. Ganesh, Bittu, Mayen, Jayadev and I headed towards the beach. All we had to do was spend time till the Ultimate Frisbee gang came to play their saturday quota, because we didn't want to turn up at our homes like Zombies at 230 in the morning. After some Jogging, walking, punching, and wall climbing the Cops turned up. They started questioning us and it was Mayen who saved us with his Tiruvottriyur office line. They didn't have anything to say to us and left immediately. And after a while Ganesh decided to take a leak over the gym equipments, spraying copious amounts on all of them. And he got really surprised when I told him about my 8 years of Karate, no doubt he was, I certainly don't look like a Karate Guy. :D

At around 5 am we headed for tea (lost count). Came back to the beach to find some Ultimate Frisbee guys and they all started chatting and discussing Frisbee. I, on the other hand, was watching Sunrise at the Beach. It's probably one of the most beautiful sights in this world. I had been wanting to do that for a very long time now. It was brilliant, sitting on the Beach Sand, watching the sun slowly rising, a fiery orangish bluish sky. Amazing Sight.

Later, Bittu and I decided to try out Frisbee for ourselves, got a frisbee and started throwing around like crazy. Jayadev came up and explained some of the nuances and half an hour later, I was dead beat. Decided to watch rather than participate. Bittu was getting good at it by the minute.

15-20 Potholes, 6 teas, 2 Drunkards, 4 Cops, some Hostel stories, some jogging, some walking, some climbing, some peeing, 1 butter dosa, 2 idlis later I decided to head back home from what was probably one of the most productive night outs I've ever done.


Rakesh said...

First of all kodambakkam lenthu vanthu ADYAR elaam kuttham sollekoodaathu!! To get to ur house ill have to learn to dirt bike... tat bad the roads are... and in adyar one is a depot and another is a terminus ( FYI: THERE'S A DIFFERENCE )

Secondly Midnight dhum podaamey enne night out idhu?? CHA!! WORSHTU!!

Thirdly he FUCKIN PEE'ED on the gym equipments ?? YUCK!! itz coz of guys like him MY beach is so fuckin dirty! FUCKIN ASSHOLES!!!!

And Finally.... u r startin to do productive work to the society!! WHO THE HELL DO U THINK U R??? But.... GREAT JOB DUDE.... i salute u

Hail! Suppandi the Good Samaritan !! :)

Karthik.H said...


dude...Dirt Biking's an art da...for some ppl its a passion...pity u can't appreciate dat art... :P

dhum and all the phree

peeing is natural dude...refer to my post on ignoring nature's call for more argument...

Salute and all the thanks...summa vettiya irukkarathukku something like this.. :D

sagaro said...

"coz of guys like him MY beach is so fuckin dirty"

Your beach a? Interesting.

Secondly: pee doesn't dirty a beach. It is not plastic, waste paper to do it. It is plain salt water. If salt water dirties "YOUR" beach, I suggest you build a dyke around the beach, to save it from the sea water dirtying it.

Rakesh said...

@ Sagaro

Wuld u let someone pee infront of ur house??? and dirty as in unhygenic...! and wat wuld u say if someone did really pee in front of ur house

Its virtually my second home dude!! i stay there half the time!!

sagaro said...

@Rakesh dah'ling:

If you are willing to climb up three floors, get thro' two security guards and 4 dogs to pee in front of my house... I have no problem... Or maybe I will also buy a house with a one kilometer stretch of sea...

How much did you say you bought your second house for? Oops soory, I just trespassed your house a couple of times... hope you don't sue me for I susued your house. :P

But jokes apart. Sunlight. Yes! If you pee anywhere, and there is sun light, there is nothing unhygienic about it... Because the sunlight will evaporate all the susu and the aids virus that my susu in particular possess will die... It is called science. Don't get disgusted. The water that you drink these days, are from reverse osmosis of all the susu from Chennai.

Maybe you should start drinking sea water, which is very hygienic and pure and dirt free.