Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Deputy Cul Sec!!!

Alright, the Happy news first (atleast it made me happy). I have been made the Associate Cultural Secretary of the Corporate Secretaryship Department in my College. Ok, for those who skipped that line cuz of so many secretaries, I am the Deputy Cul Sec at my coll. Yeah yeah, happy indeed! But i still can't figure out why they made me the Dep Cul Sec.

I've attended almost all the culturals my coll's been invited to since last year. And won in what? First in JAM at MOP recently and a 3rd place in Shipwreck at MCC. A first place and a third place can make someone a deputy cultural secretary? Isn't it wierd? There are other talented people in my year. Much more talented and multi-faceted when compared to me, why deny them the chance or the exposure? I'm not complaining. Who would? I'm just asking if they had made a hasty decision.

Anyways, my 1st 'Test', as my Cul Sec puts it, comes when I attend these culturals at Ethiraj college. I've gotta live up to my name it seems, as if I'm gna go around with a badge saying I am the Dep Cul Sec in my college or something. Who would know? Until i can keep my Trap shut (as Ron says).

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