Thursday, 29 May 2008

Beatles Night!

There'll be No Head Banging, No Mosh Piting and definitely no Screaming at the top of their voices onto the mics.

Yes, finally there's going to be a whole night dedicated to the Beatles. There's this concert being held by the Rolling Stones Magazine (Which the Beatles as the Greatest Artists of All Time) and the Band Association of Chennai at the YMCA, Nandanam on 31st of May.

This is huge. There are posters everywhere and tickets are being sold like crazy. I'm there. Obviously. Despite the Chennai Super Kings' semi-final on the 31st, I'm there.

When it comes to Cricket or The Beatles, with me, there's no question At all..

The only problem is, I'm terribly excited and terribly scared. I can't bare to watch a bad performance of a song from the Beatles. That would leave me depressed for ages. But at the same time, I'm not keeping my hopes very high either. Let's hope it goes well.

And on a totally different note, I was browsing thru the Rolling Stones Magazine's website when I found this List of top 100 songs of 2006. Not surprisingly, I've heard just 7 of those 100. That just proves my lack of Contemporary music knowledge.

Anyways, see you at the Beatles Night, tickets are available at Landmark priced at Rs.100. That's a 100 rupees well spent. Definitely!


Divya said...

Awesome:).. as soon as i read about this in paper i thought of you :).. good tht u r going.. hope u have a ball time :D..

Şuρēŗmųr™ said...

Don't make me feel like a dork man! I missed it!:-| Where's the blog about how it Was? I demand complete details!