Friday, 9 May 2008

How My Potato Wedges almost became Plastic Potato Wedges!

It was day before yesterday that this debacle happened. I was really hungry at around 5 in the evening and could find nothing in the Fridge worth eating. I thought that if I could get something from the nearby Supermarket, I could prepare something quickly and have a good eat. But I really couldn't find anything interesting other than those frozen foods. I thought French fries would be a serious waste of money when I found these Potato Wedges.
"Delicious Wedges with a Sprinkling of herbs" Easy to make were the words I was looking for and sure enough, they were printed in huge bold red letters.

I got back home and sat to read the Instructions on it. "Pre-heat oven to 230C...". I had never done something like that on the Oven and was rather scared. I knew following the Instructions to the tee would result in a pretty bad tasting dish, so I pre-heated it to 200C and it said "12 minutes, turn around the wedges and 8 more minutes". Going by my lack of Culinary expertise, I baked it at 200C for around 10 minutes. Here's where It all went wrong.

I really couldn't spend 10 minutes staring at the rotating "Microwave Oven safe" plastic vessel that came along with our oven. So I just rushed to take a shower. Soon as I got back and got dressed, the timer said 30 seconds remaining, everything looked fine. The wedges seemed to be brown and looked crisp. Just when it reached the 20 seconds mark, there was a slight tap kinda sound, figuring this would be nothing, I was just walking around in the Kitchen when I smelt a rather Plasticky smell. I just took a glance at the Oven and there was 10 seconds remaining, the Vessel had bent out of shape and looked as if it was ready to melt away.

I definitely didn't want this to happen. Things happened in quite a rush. I turned the timer off, opened the door to leave the Kitchen smelling wholly of Plastic. I put on the glove and pulled out the vessel hastily, while I did this in a hurry, the vessel touched the side-wall of the Oven and it just stuck on there. I tried pulling it, but it left a thin long plastic thread from the side-wall to the vessel. Cutting it with a Knife, I took out the vessel and it felt a bit wobbly. I placed it on the counter, took out the wedges and washed the vessel immediately. BAD MISTAKE. Ever seen those perfectly shaped Kites, imagine how the shape would change if the Centre Wood piece broke in two, that's exactly how it my vessel was. The water made it hard and now it sits on just 2 ends, ever-wobbly.

Thanks to my Presence of mind (??!!), I was able to change the shape of a perfectly melting vessel. But I guess if I had let it carry on for those remaining 10 seconds, it would've definitely been Yellow Plastic Potato Wedges!!!

Oh and for those concerned souls, I did manage to eat some of the Wedges, not the partly done ones, the remaining looked good to be fried in oil. :)

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