Sunday, 11 May 2008

Spoiling the Fun, Dad Style...

You know how Dad's can Spoil your fun? Well, my Dad just spoiled the thing I was looking forward to for the past 4 years!

I've been wanting to watch a Formula 1 Race at home ever since the CAS was introduced and Star Sports became a Pay Channel. Well, thanks to my sister, Set Top Box was installed at home and I was really excited about the Turkish Grand Prix which is going on as I type this. I watched the Qualifying last evening and it was all set for an amazing race. Woke up this morning, wondering how awesome it would be to enjoy a Ferrari Victory sitting in the Comforts of Home. Waited a long while from the time I woke up till around 515 in the evening when the race was all set to start. The men were on the Grid. Warm up lap over and everything was perfectly lined up for the 5 lights to go off.

Enter DAD (Villain of the Piece)

Him: Change the channel, I want to watch the match, last 2 overs.
Me: Just a minute, I'll watch the start and the first lap, it'll take just 2 minutes (It really will, the lap takes around a 1min 30 secs, from standstill, around 2 mins)
Him: Formula 1 is crap, stupid guys sutthi sutthi coming around the same track. Boring. Keep Cricket.
Me: I will, just gimme 2 mins.
Him: NO! Change NOW.

Not wanting to spoil my moment of fun, I changed the channel and Immediately a Wicket fell. I waited for the replay to be shown and Immediately switched back to F1.

Him: How dare you? Keep Cricket itself. I don't want to watch Formula 1.
Me: A wicket fell, You saw the Replay, they'll put ads now and I'll change back to that after the ads.

I lost it, banged the remote on the coffee table, threw a few choice words at my dad and stormed out of the room.

4 years of wait, gone in a poof. Dads must Have their way. ALWAYS.
All that talk about "we are working for your future, your happiness..." is Total Crap. Take it from a Disgruntled Teenager.

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Meghna said...

Hahaha I know the feeling!! *curses*